a coffee date and a heart overflowing…

A couple of days ago I was able to go to coffee with a wise woman of God and towards the end of our [FUN] date she said something that stuck with me. After recounting a story of Job-esque pain and fear, she said, “But Eliza, I am rich…” And I couldn’t agree with her more. We are rich because of Christ, may his riches not be lost on us… Her words were used to explode inside of my heart and 20 minutes after we were together, I had written this poem:

The benefit of Christ is not lost on me,
For only in Him am I fully free.
When battles rage on and swirl all around,
Only peace within Christ can be found.

And He himself is my Peace,
Not love, money or security.
Alone, poor and pursuing this life,
He himself is my lover, my wealth and my guide.

The benefit of Christ is not lost on me,
For only in Him can I finally be:
All sinful, all exposed–all very real,
But at the same time all holy, blameless and healed.

And He himself is my health,
Not self-esteem, good feelings or self-help.
Hurting, sick and more-than-once used,
For my health He himself was broken and abused.

May the benefit of Christ not be lost on me,
I am rich, alive and yet still full of need.
Peace and health! Yes! They’re mine–I accept,
But Christ himself is my benefit.

Thank you Mrs. Townsend for your obedience to Christ over a lifetime… They pave the way for you to speak words of life with the Holy Spirit’s power. (THIS is why you will be a GREAT counselor!)