Demo Days

Y’all. It ain’t like TV, except the parts that are. 😉 

Day 1: We cleaned out anything & everything past tenants could’ve left behind… EV-ER-Y-THING. ​

A fridge
An upturned bed

…and enough other stuff to fill a roll-off dumpster. 😷


Kevin: “Hey baybay, today was fun.”

​DAY 2​​

(Disclaimer: Brogan was in a separate room from where we were working and playing happily until my sister came to get him.) 

Kitchen demo today! 

Kitchen before-ish… the stove was already gone but you get the idea–its bad!

Kitchen demo!​​



Today was fun too, Kevin. 😘


Time to Have a Blog Again

You know those times in your life when there’s so much going on around you that you’re wondering if you’re really getting it all? The past few months have felt that way. We are in a season of crazy amounts of transition and it’s all so exciting–I just don’t want to miss it. So I’ll write it down. And like 5 people will read it. Ha. (Thanks mom.)

So first of all, we have a one year old. He’s walking, babbling up a storm, teething, opinionated about food & sleep, sweet to the core & a trooper. He has no choice but to be flexible in this family. Lord willing, someday we’ll get another just like him. 😏 After salvation and marriage, he is our greatest blessing (and if he’s listening at all, he knows it)!

Then there’s this tiny detail in life called moving. And it has occupied every hour, bit of energy, dollar and thought we have had in the past 6 months. There was getting our first house ready to go on the market starting way back in May. Then selling in late September. Then going under contract in early October, then deciding against that house, and then yesterday purchasing our dream home. It probably doesn’t look like a dream home to most. You have to squint & channel your inner HGTV nerd & you’ll see it. We are super excited about this fixer upper and will be keeping things up to date here. 

How much work does it need? A lot–mostly elbow grease, paint, new kitchen & bathrooms. No big deal. But where does one live when renovating a whole house at once after one’s house has already sold? In the in between we’ve been very fortunate to stay with my Aunt Dee & Uncle Peter. They have been generous hosts even when our lives are bursting at the seams threatening to overflow into the whole house. But after the in between, where do you go? Answer: daily double [wide].

Ok, it’s not a double-wide but it’s definitely a mobile home of sorts. So we’re doing the crazy “live-out-back-while-you-renovate” thing. (Thanks for the inspiration, Jen Hatmaker.)

Y’all. Things are about to get wild. Please just pray for no asbestos. Kthnxsomuchbye.

Mtn Dew, Oreos and Horse Pill Gel Tablets

Today will be/has been the longest day of my life. I have been up since 1PM on March the 10th and I will be up until at least 9PM on March the 11th (to understand the full implication you have to know that the 1PM wake up time was just after a 4 hour nap…before the nap I was also awake from 8:30PM on March the 9th until 7am March the 10th). The last time I remember being even remotely near this tired was when we first moved to Germany and Meredith and I struggled with jet lag for the first 4 weeks we were there. The common denominator is food. When we would be up in the middle of the night we would make Nutella and Cherry jam sandwiches…the bomb. Now I eat Oreos by the row and drink Mtn Dew by the case. I seriously think if you opened me up right now I’d be a modern marvel of science. Oh, and, on top of eating like a college student on crack, I also am taking Vitamin C tablets. Um, yeah. Cancellation theory anyone?