Alive and Well in Ireland


I arrived safely in Ireland yesterday morning (June 1st) and excitement quickly gave way to a myriad of emotions as I walked through Dublin airport!

1.) I am here because God wants me here. There is no other explanation. He knows I only have $13.54 in my bank account back home, he knows I’ve left behind a lot and he even knows more than I do when it comes to how exactly I’ll be used and minister grace here. I am excited to see what the next few weeks hold… As I reflected on last summer on the way over here, I was awed at remembrances of where I was and how I was thinking and feeling just a year ago. God has been good to transform me and will continue…

2.) This place is home. Weeping in the streets of Dublin isn’t exhaustion (though there was definitely some to be sure), it’s returning to a place that truly feels like home. I laughed as I walked into Starbucks and they were playing Adele’s “Live from Royal Albert Hall.” Home. 12/13 year olds walking the streets for lunch in their tartan shirts & wool skirts. Home. The enjoyment of the culture, the pace of life, the friendliness… It makes my heart leap inside my chest! And that’s just the outset… The real “home” here is the people. Last night I got to stay with one of the girls whom I went through the internship last summer with! What a grace… We were able to reminisce about last summer and be excited about seeing others we know go through the program this summer. The Lord has journeyed us for sure.

3.) I am humbled. Many of you know at this stage that I feel like the Lord is calling me here to Ireland for mission work–I’m assuming using my counseling degree that I will be acquiring but who knows, maybe there’s a shortage of birthday clowns in Ireland! Anyway, the support needed to return and explore this possibility further has been graciously given by each and every one of you who are praying, believing, giving, letting me go–and I’m grateful and humbled. We do not live this life for ourselves, we live it knit together and it has taken movement and flexibility to allow me to be free to come here, so, thank you!

Pictures to come tonight hopefully!